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Surfin The Net:

  • Reliable, Nationwide Network
  • No Contract!
  • Monthly Rate Guaranteed FOR LIFE
  • 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back
  • Instant Activation
    - 2 minute setup
  • Toll Free Technical Support
  • 5 Free Email Accounts
  • 20 MB Personal Web Space
  • Local Access throughout US and Canada
  • Only $9.95

"I am currently experiencing excellent service from your company. It is refreshing to experience quick access and no dropouts. My old ISP charged me $21 a month for inferior service. "
John.,Mt Gilead, Ohio

"Wow!! Your customer service is unusual and fast. I am not accustomed to this type of attention. Thank you!"

"THANK YOU very much for the prompt service. I am going to disable this AOL account ASAP. And tell all my friends about your company!!!! "

"I signed up for your Internet Service on Friday and called for support because I had a question, but a friend at work helped me out. I received a call back from a nice gentleman almost immediately, which leads me to believe that if I do need support in the future, I will be well taken care of. Thanks!"
L.C., Johnson City, NY

"Just wanted to say thank you. Getting connected was a breeze and access is GREAT. I am very very happy that I found your company and feel that I will be with your company for a long time. Again, thank you. "
Julie., Scranton, PA

"I am very pleased with your Internet. Easy to download and set up. Price is right too!"
Marge., Orlando, FL

Surfin The Net, Inc
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Dial Up Internet

Only $9.95

Dial Up with Propel

7X Faster! Only $3.00more!
Download from home page after signup.

Offering you the fastest and simplest access to the Internet with:

    We understand that getting connected and staying connected are your prime concerns in choosing an internet service. At Sufin The Net making your internet connection as simple and dependable as we know how.
    Equipment loads in each of our cities make sure that you never receive a busy signal. Whenever peak load conditions threaten to start producing busy signals, additional equipment and lines are immediately provisioned.
    Maintaining redundant authorization servers, routed through independent circuits, to make sure that your connection is authorized as soon as it is  received.
    And, once your connection is established, our job is to make sure that you stay connected. We never disconnect one customer so that another can get in. Keeping you online is our prime goal.

    Each user receives up to 5 email addresses. You can use these for various members of your family or for whatever purpose you choose. Each mailbox is allocated 20MB of disk space.
    You can use any standard mail program, such as Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape to receive your mail.
    Or you can use our advanced WEBMAIL technology at no additional cost.
    WEBMAIL has several advantages:
    • No setup is required.
    • You can get your mail from any computer and from any location.
    • WEBMAIL does not download your mail to your computer before you can review it. WEBMAIL only downloads the Subject and the name of the sender. You can delete unwanted mail without the wasted time of having to download it.
    • WEBMAIL provides unprecedented protection against email transmitted viruses. Since emails are not downloaded to your computer until you request them, you can delete suspicious emails without any chance of infecting your computer. Other mail programs may infect your computer with viruses before you can even delete them.


    We do not add any banners, popups, or other advertising of any form to your internet experience. We get our revenues from your monthly fee, not from advertisers or sponsors.

    Your first three days are a guaranteed trial period. If you are not satisfied with the service we are providing, just let us know for 100% refund.

    SECURE Online Signup The second you finish the online signup form, you're ready to go. That's it; press connect and you're online. You will be online 2 minutes from NOW.

    V.90/V.92 Internet connection: $9.95 a month.

    THEN, CHOOSE our Propel Accelerator with speed up to 7x faster to surf the net for additional $3.00 a month. Download is available from our members web page after signup activation.

    Whichever plan you choose, YOUR MONTHLY RATE IS GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We accept VISA, and  MasterCard. Your billing renews on the same day each month. So, if you sign up on the 24th of the month, your account will renew each month on the 24th. There is no penalty for signing up late in the month.

    You do not have to make any long term committment to get Surfin The Net's low rate. And you do not have to pay for multiple months in advance. We bill month to month. If at any time, you become dissatisfied with our performance, you are free to cancel your service without penalty. We want to earn your continued business by our continued performance.

    With thousands of access points throughout the US and Canada, you can access us with a local call in most areas.

    All our access points are 56K and conform to the latest V.90 standard. This means that you will be connecting at the highest dialup rate available at this time.

    Every account includes 20MB of personal web space at no additional cost. Use it to show your E-Bay offerings or just to post pictures of the family.

    Use our toll-free number to get support and help.


     Start Surfin The Net today!

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